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A native of Philadelphia and eating cheesesteaks,Tastycakes, and soft pretzels when she was young, she now finds Celiac disease has changed her eating habits a bit!

Elikqitie is a foodie, traveler, podcast producer, consultant, author and creative who is a content marketer by day, writing and creating content for herself and her clients. She is always dreaming up new ideas to add to her creative collection of content.

Her love of travel mixed with having Celiac disease has led her to blend her passion with creativity in publishing her podcast Travel Gluten Free. In addition to her podcast, Elikqitie also has published her book, The Guide to Traveling Gluten Free, so that gluten-free travelers can learn how to travel independently without fear the on their next vacation adventure!

Elikqitie wants to bring excitement, fun, and enjoyment back into the lives of people who live the gluten-free lifestyle. By combining great interviews and informational episodes, Elikqitie brings the "how-to" for living a stress-free gluten-free life for the gluten-free traveler. 

Elikqitie is based in McMinnville, Oregon and loves the Willamette Valley and all the wine it has to offer! She enjoys hiking, camping and a multitude of outdoor activities. Elikqitie creates many opportunities to travel to incredible, beautiful places where she discovers new gluten-free restaurants, foods, and people!

August 31, 2022

Travel Gluten Free - Live with Elikqitie

My podcast friend Elikqitie joins me live to talk about living (and traveling) gluten free. Elikqitie is host of the Travel Gluten Free Podcast.

August 29, 2022

The Gluten Free Life - Part 2

My podcast friend Elikqitie joins me again to talk about living (and traveling) gluten free.

August 26, 2022

The Gluten Free Life with Elikqitie

Guest: Elikqitie