Live Healthy Be Happy: Trailer

Uncle Marv here, and this is my show. Live Healthy Be Happy is my podcast journey to a better life.

Do you want tips for living a healthy lifestyle, but don’t know what heck that is? 

Is the word “diet” a curse word in your home? It was for me. But now I’m able to talk about simple food tips to eating healthy. And guess what? The weight is coming off! 

Now, maybe your body is healthy, but you’re just not as happy as you want to be. We’ll talk about that too. Because a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. 

These are some of things we’ll discuss on the show. Now, I am not a doctor or medical professional, and most of my friends aren’t either. But some of them are, and they are willing to share their journey too. 

I hope that you join us and also learn how to Live Healthy and Be Happy. 

Website: https://www.livehealthypodcast.com/

We’ll see you soon!